Bait boat hulls Made in Germany

Due to the fact that our baitboat hulls are "Made in Germany" and our many years of experience as a manufacturer of  baitboats, we give a 5 year guarantee on our bait-boat hulls when used properly against: Weathering of the plastic, plasticiser migration, colour fading / yellowing, cracking or brittleness of the plastic, detachment of the carbon 3-D coating or changes in shape.

It is important not to clean the hull of the lining boat with solvents or to treat it improperly.

Futterboot Rümpfe zum Baitboat selber bauen
X-Jet Baitboat Hull 2020
Bait boat hull X-Jet 2020 - developed and manufactured in Germany Carp Mirror bait boat test report: With the X-Jet bait boat zig-zag courses are a thing of the past... All components are made of high-quality materials. The bait boat hull is manufactured exclusively for us in Germany. This consists of 5 mm ABS with carbon coating and acrylic lacquer. Development and production of the bait boat hull is Made in Germany. Bait boat hull: Catamaran bait boat hull with central feed shaft provides an optimal center of gravity. Fantastic driving behaviour Lining boat hull size: 61x41x20 cm Huge feed chambers with either once 4l with (40x10cm) or divided into 2 chambers with 2 x 2l (lying one behind the other and separately controllable) Bait boat radio echo sounder (optional) Scope of supply hull: Bait boat hull X-Jet Version Carbon 3D digital voltage display blue Feed flaps 1- or 2 pcs. Optional bait boat hull components selectable: Feed flap 1 or 2 pcs. Echo sounder Humminbird RF15e (250m or 500m) or colour echo Lowrance Elite (500m) Toslon echosounder and gps tracker for baitbaots Downloads: Testbericht Carp Mirror (DE) Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assembly Instructions (EN)

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Phantom Baitboat Hull
Feed boat hull for feed boats Since the trend goes more and more away from the cheap import to the high-quality self-built bait boat, we offer you here a complete baitboat hull with or without radio echo sounder. Special pre-milled parts facilitate the assembly of the bait boat. Openings for the light system and the jet propulsion are already completely prepared. Standard highlights of the feed boat hull: Trimaran 49 x 37 cm (!) with a carrying capacity of 3 l unique safe guidance of the fishing line on the underside of the fuselage ! cut-out for jet propulsion ! complete light system already pre-drilled ! Carbon 3-D design! extremely low weight of the finished boat with 4 kg sensational price-performance ratio 100 % of the feeding-boat hulls are made individually in Germany Bait boat hull: made of high-strength 5 mm ABS, coated to improve the gliding properties, resulting in extremely low water resistance and excellent running characteristics Trimaran construction, with its deep central technology shaft the guarantor for a super water situation in almost any weather Recesses on the underside of the feed chambers to optimally protect the cord of the inserted assembly against entanglements 2 separately controllable feed flaps We dissociate ourselves expressly from cheap components or parts which do not correspond to the state of the art. In our bait boats only the most modern high performance components of well-known brand manufacturers are used. Compare us with the German bait boat manufacturers! Scope of supply of this complete set: complete bait boat Phantom bait boat hull 2 feed flaps with stainless steel hinges digital blue voltmeter for display of board voltage Echo sounder Optional: Echo sounder: Humminbird RF15e with 250m or 500m range Colour depth sounder Elite Seaeye Toslon wireless fishfinder for bait boats Downloads: Montage-Anleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assemble Instructions (EN)

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XXL Baitboat Hull
Original XXL Bait Boat Hull buy online at a good price Catamaran shape with third fin for rear stabilization, therefore low center of gravity, optimal water position in wind and weather openings for lighting system and voltage display already milled Dimensions: 61 x 41 x 20cm single mega feed shaft in the middle: 4 liter volume (feed, bujensteine, etc.), can also be divided into 2 separately controlled chambers Ship's propellers are installed concealed, herb protection is included in delivery boat hull and lid made of 5mm ABS, glueable, (damages can be repaired easily) optimal fit of the baitboat, since complete production was carried out on CNC machines both parts are joined by gluing (in addition can be riveted) developed on CAD systems everything completely Made in Germany Scope of delivery: complete hull, consisting of: Upper and lower shell incl. 2 inspection lids, colour "Black-Bath Look" or "Carbon 3D". herb protection Digital voltage display incl. cover Accessories Optional: Feed flap with stainless steel hinges and Bowden cable Lighting system complete incl. dimmable relay handle Motor and battery holder, centre of gravity is optimally balanced Easy Installing !!!! Release incl. Servo Downloads: Bedienungsanleitung (DE)Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assembly Instructions (EN)