Building a bait boat yourself - accessories and small parts for building a bait boat.

At first it seems quite complicated to build a bait boat yourself. But if you have the right bait boat accessories and follow the tips below, it's actually child's play.

Here you can read more about carp fishing, feeder boats and how to easily build them yourself, as well as which feeder boat small parts are particularly important.

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Progrmmierbare Fernbedienung für Futterboote von Graupner
Graupner remote control MZ-12 HoTT 2,4 Ghz 6-channel
Radio control from Graupner for bait boats and model making Graupner remote control with 12 control functions and 250 model memories allows the system to control numerous models, whether baitboat, flight, heli, copter, car or boat. Here, too, we rely on our proven HoTT 2.4GHz transmission technology with ultra-fast response time, which ensures maximum functional reliability through bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver. The telemetry integrated in the system offers the possibility of voice output of switching states, warnings and of course telemetry data, output by the loudspeaker or headphone output built into the transmitter. In addition, the voice outputs can be defined by the user. The simple and clearly arranged menu is easy for beginners, but offers all possibilities for the professional. Graupner remote control ideal for baitboats The new 6-channel Falcon 12 receiver included in the set is unparalleled, absolutely compact in design, modern in design and packed full of features and functions. The Graupner receiver can be used as remote control for bait boats, flybarless system for helicopters, as flight controller for copter or as gyro system for surface models. Features Graupner remote control: Microcomputer remote control system in state-of-the-art 2.4 GHz Graupner HoTT technology Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver Wireless L/S function Joystick function via MicroUSB cable for training on the flight simulator without additional dongles 5 different languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish) possible via software update. Availability of the corresponding language see download area. Predefined model memories e.g. of Alpha 110, Alpha 250Q, Alpha 300, Hornet 250, XCELL 220 and Versacopter. Model memory can be stored and loaded via PC 7 switchable voice outputs 10 user-definable speech outputs selectable Model types: Model aircraft, helicopter, copter, car model, boat Charging of the internal 1500 mAh LiPo battery via micro-USB connection to 5 V DC USB 500 mA with charging indicator when transmitter is switched off. Special software for Copter: 8 channels for GPS functions or additional switching functions available in Copter. Servo cycle times for digital servos selectable from 10ms Ultra-fast response times through direct transmission of data from the main processor to the 2.4 GHz transceiver with reliable transmission. No additional delays due to detours via a module processor. Antenna integrated in the handle intuitive operation and programming A high-contrast blue illuminated graphic display ensures perfect control of setting parameters such as model type, model memory, clocks and operating voltage. 12 Control functions Model types Aircraft models: 1QR, 1QR 1WK, 2QR, 2QR 1WK, 2QR 2WK Free assignment of all switches 250 Model memory 5 switches/pushbuttons, 2x 3-step switches, 2x 2-step switches, 1x 3-step switch/pushbutton, 1 pushbutton, 1 analog rotary encoder Mode 1 to 4 freely selectable Key-Lock function against unintentional operation. Display Change from main menu to telemetry main menu with ESC. Numerous telemetry display, programming and evaluation functions directly in the transmitter display. 2 flight phases programmable swash plate limiter Servo travel adjustment for all servo channels and separately adjustable for each end deflection Sub-trim for setting the neutral position of all servos 2-stage expo-/dual-rate system, individually adjustable, switchable during flight K1 Curve Mixer functions (5 linear mixers and 4 curve mixers) Programmable fail-safe function "Hold" or "Move to preset positions" can be set separately for each individual servo channel Stopwatch/Countdown timer with alarm function Model copy function for model memory Data formats at the data socket: Telemetry, Bluetooth, CRSF V2 unidirectional Equipment Graupner transmitter unit Transmitter mz-12 PRO (Mode 2 preset) 12 HoTT Receiver Transmitter battery LiPo 1500 mAh 5,55 Wh

Bait Boat Bag - Black Line Edition
Bait Boat Bag - Black Line Edition
Carp Madness Bait Boat Bag Black Line Edition The Carp Madness Black Line Edition bait boat bag is exactly cut to the Carp Madness XXL baitboat. The bag is equipped all around with storage compartments and pockets for spare batteries, remote controls, depth sounder or GPS devices. The bait boat bag also has a well-padded carrying strap, so that the bait boat can be transported comfortably, even over longer distances. Bag: 69 x 48 x 31 cm Side pockets front and back: 33 x 23 cm Side each: 25 x 23 cm Material high quality lined and padded 1800 D nylon

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Standard servo motor for bait boats
Servomotor for bait boats - waterproof For a solid bait boat a waterproof, ball bearing servo engine should be a basic requirement. Technical data servo motor: Voltage: 4,5-6V Speed: 0.17-0.21 sec Size: 40,5x20,2x36mm Weight: 40gr Ball bearing: 2 pieces Scope of delivery: 1 piece

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XXL herb protection for bait boats
This herb protection is designed for the Carp Madness XXL baitboats and is mounted on the underside. Can also be retrofitted on older bait  boats. Scope of supply: 2 pieces, color black

Content: 2 Stück (€8.98* / 1 Stück)

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Inspection cover for CM bait boats
Futterboot Design: Carbon
Futterboot Design
Here you can buy the two revision covers suitable for our Carp Madness XXL bait boats. Colour: black or carbon selectable

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CM Industrial brush motor 655
New powerful 655 engine Dirty Devil from Carp Madness. Exclusively available only from us! Technical data of the brush motor: 655 industrial motor, shaft mounted high efficiency self-cooling enormously economical engine with a sensational torque excellent for high performance feeding boats bolt circle 25 mm Shaft: 3.17 mm Weight 207 gr Best efficiency 76 % Power consumption Idle: 1.6 A 17700 rpm Voltage 3-12 V

Propulsion screws for bait boats
Propulsion screws for bait boats
GFK reinforced left-hand high-performance racing screw from Graupner This is a set of high performance racing screws original from Graupner, match to our baitboat XXL. We use these as standard on our baitboats. The screws are additionally reinforced and thus withstand the loads. The holder consists of a brass thread. The set consists of a left- and a right-turning screw, which again feeds a straight outlet. The range of application is for shafts with thread M4, left-handed, 32.5mm diameter.

Content: 2 Stück (€4.48* / 1 Stück)

Komplette Elektronikeinheit unserer XXL 2020 und X-Jet 2020 Futterboote.
CM complete electronic unit for XXL 2020 & XJet 2020 Bait Boats
Baitboat - Select Unit:: XXL / X-Jet
Baitboat - Select Unit:
This original box is part of our boat boat kits, simply plugged in and contains the following outputs: 2 x controller connection 2x battery connection (lead or Lipo or LifePo4) Lighting/LED (the dimming relay is already integrated in the box) Continuous current for e.g. echo sounder, autopilot, etc.

Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
We offer you a state-of-the-art charger to charge your batteries gently. The device was specially developed for all our rechargeable bait boat batteries. Technical data: 50W power balancer board ;suitable for the following batteries: Lifon, LiPo, LiFePo, NiCd, NiMH with adapter for 12V 0.1 - 5 A Power

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Bait Boat XXL feed flap 1 or 2 pcs.
Futterboot Design: Schwarz | Futterboot Futterklappe: Futterklappe 1-teilig 10x40x10cm
Futterboot Design
Futterboot Futterklappe
We offer a one or two piece feed flap for our XXL or X-Jet Baitboat. Colour: black or carbon selectable

CM remote control with large LCD display 2.4 Ghz 6-channel
CM remote control with large LCD display 2.4 Ghz 6-channel
Exclusive radio system for feeding boats: Together with Jamara we brought this baitboat remote control onto the market. Maximum safety and range for your bait boat! Optionally you can choose whether we wind up one of our specially developed programs. Important for the control of our installed systems. (dimmable light, motor control, etc.) 2.4 GHz AFHDS "Digital Proportional Radio Control System 6 channels, range up to 1000m 4 freely programmable switches 2 freely programmable rotary potentiometers - large display Acro, Heli menu 20 Model memory servo reverse V-tail (mixed operation for one-hand control) dual rate expo Copying the models Integrated charging socket Trainer/Simulator socket Firmware updateable 174x89x190mm, 392 gr Scope of delivery: 6 channel remote control 2.4 GHz 6 channel receiver 2,4 GHz Plug-in bridge (binding pin)

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CM bait boat drive unit brushed Dirty Devil
Drive unit for bait boats This drive unit is also used in our bait boats. It is completely available as shown with the following components only from us: 2-fold ball-bearing shaft M 4 for high speeds and a silky smooth running. 655-er industrial motor, shaft bearings high efficiency self-cooling enormously economical engine with a sensational torque excellent for high performance feeding boats reinforced racing screw specially for our boat developed shaped part incl. battery holder The battery holder incl. baitboat battery automatically determines the centre of gravity and the angle of the motor. This is with one of the most important points that the bait boat runs cleanly, calmly and quickly. Lead battery: 6 V, 4.5 Ah you do not need the battery holder, so you can cut it away and only use the motor block if you order 2 pieces, you automatically get a right and a left unit.

Brushed speed regulator - BEC
Brushed speed regulator - BEC
High-quality regulators for bait boats with BEC function In addition, these have an ABS function, which means that the motors are significantly more protected than with other controllers. These controllers are used in our standard bait boat models with Dirty Devil 655 speed motors. Due to the BEC function, the receiver does not need its own power supply, which is provided by the controllers. Technical data: 30 A Directions: forward, backward, left and right ABS function BEC System cooling fins ensure uniform cooling

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Baitboat drive shaft 2 times ball bearing mounted
Drive shaft for baitboats Double ball-bearing shaft M4 for high speeds and silky smooth running. This high-quality shaft from the racing sport is specially made for our baitboats. In addition to the high-quality components, another advantage is that this shaft already has the optimal length to define the center of gravity of the baitboat exactly. The batteries can then be installed directly behind the baitboats. A further balancing of the baitboat is therefore not necessary. The flange is suitable for 600 motors. Scope of delivery: 1 complete shaft incl. mounting screws as shown.

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Bait boat relay for dimmable light by radio
With these relay you can dim the light of the bait boat from the remote control. Depending on the availability of the manufacturers we use different suplier. Scope of delivery: 1 relay

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Bait boat release clutch complete incl. servo
This set is complete and allows the mounting of a release coupling to a bait boat. The coupling is made of aluminum, the manufacturer of the servo is depending on availability, but of high quality. Including the inner workings for the operation of the release clutch, a Bowden cable with steel insert.