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Carp Madness feeding boats - europewide thousandfold successfully in use!

Since 2000 we have specialized in the development and distribution of high quality baitboats and wireless gps echo sounder. Meanwhile we are not to be excluded from the High End Bait-Boat sector any longer and offer different models for each requirement.

We attach great importance to using the best baitboats components. Often the model building sector is not enough for us, and we use industrial components to offer even better and more durable feedingboats. Many baitboat spareparts are pruduced exclusively for us, eg. our industrial motors, double ball bearing shaft systems, flanges, adapters, etc.

This gives us and you the certainty that we do not have to adapt any components, but that the components are adapted for our boats. A sign of highest baitboat building art. And everything from the production of the hull up to the assembly of the boats were 100% "Handbuild in Germany". On our hulls we do not grant 5 years warranty free of charge on our baitboat hulls.

Compare our high standard equipment with other worldwide competitors.

We offer German engineering art - Baitboats handmade in Germany!

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Das Akku-Ladegerät garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer der LiFePo4 Akkus von Carp Madness.
Jamara plug-in charger for CM LiFePo4 batteries
A very important point for a long working LiFePo4 battery is a high quality and intelligent battery charger. This high-quality LiFePo4 battery charger is optimally matched to our CM rechargeable batteries. Thus our LiFePo4 batteries can...
€18.95 *
Komplette Elektronikeinheit unserer XXL 2020 und X-Jet 2020 Futterboote.
CM complete electronic unit for XXL 2020 & XJet...
This original box is part of our boat boat kits , simply plugged in and contains the following outputs: 2 x controller connection 2x battery connection (lead or Lipo or LifePo4) Lighting/LED (the dimming relay is already integrated in...
€47.95 *
Baitboat Lipo Replacement Battery 10A 6,4V LiFePO4
LiFePo4 battery for XXL and X-Jet Baitboat
LiFePo4 rechargeable battery for Carp Madness X-Jet, XXL and other baitboats With this high-quality Racing battery pack for baitboats you acquire a LiFePo4 battery pack of the extra class. The battery pack is optimally protected by a...
€89.95 *
Futterboot Set für Karpfenangler
Phantom Baitboat
An unique baitboat concept from Carp Madness The goal was to develop a baitboat with engineers, which is equipped with the latest innovative technology and at the same time extremely compact and meets the highest requirements of a modern...
€1,199.95 * €1,269.70 *
Carplounge Futterboot
Carp Madness X-Jet Bait Boat Kit 2020
Welcome to the premium class of bait boat kits Carp Mirror magazine test report: "With the X-Jet bait boat, zig-zag courses are a thing of the past." Efficient and at the same time innovative drive systems combined with state-of-the-art...
€579.95 * €899.92 *
Futterboot mit GPS
X-Jet Baitboat 2020
Welcome to the Premium Class of Feedboats Carp Mirror test report : " With the X-Jet baitboat, zig-zag courses are a thing of the past. " Efficient and at the same time innovative drive systems combined with state-of-the-art radio...
€1,299.95 * €1,399.95 *
Futterboot Rümpfe zum Baitboat selber bauen
X-Jet Baitboat Hull 2020
Bait boat hull X-Jet 2020 - developed and manufactured in Germany Carp Mirror bait boat test report: With the X-Jet bait boat zig-zag courses are a thing of the past... All components are made of high-quality materials. The bait boat...
€239.95 *
Futterboot zum selber bauen
Carp Madness Baitboat Kit Phantom 2020
High quality bait boat kit CM Phantom Since the trend goes more and more away from cheap import to the high-quality self-built bait boat, we offer you here a complete kit for our Phantom 2020 bait boat. Special pre-milled parts...
€499.95 * €682.30 *
Reefmaster 3D Modell drucken
3D model of your Reefmaster file
3D model from your Reefmaster file Now you have the opportunity to own an original model of your fishing lake or pond. Simply download your Reefmaster file (e.g. created by the Toslon TF 650 radio sonar) and send it to us. Then we will...
From €199.95 *
Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
We offer you a state-of-the-art charger to charge your batteries gently. The device was specially developed for all our rechargeable bait boat batteries. Technical data: 50W power balancer board ;suitable for the following batteries:...
€19.95 *
CM Baitboat 2020 XXL
CM Baitboat 2020 XXL
The veteran among the feeding boats Baitboat "Handmade in Germany". Our XXL 2020 feeding boat combines safety with range. The bait boat enjoys extremely increasing popularity over the years. The bait boat is manufactured from absolutely...
€899.95 *
Futterboot Funkecholot Smartphone
Deeper Smart Bluetooth Echo Sounder
Baitboat smart radio echo sounder for smartphone or tablet Here you get the original Deeper Echosounder System for your baitboat. These wireless echo sounder belong to the first wireless echo sounder that you can easily connect to your...
€209.95 *
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