Carp Madness - Bait Boat Shop

Complete bait boat sets, feeder boat kits, GPS units and radio echo sounders for feeder boats, replacement batteries for feeder boats, feeder boat hulls and individual components for feeder boat building.

Here you will find everything you need to build your own feeding boat.

  • Bait Boats made in Germany.

    Carp Madness - Bait boats and radio echo sounders.

    Bait boat, bait boat kits, radio echo sounders and for building a bait boat.

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  • Bait boat and depth sounder tuning for professionals.

    Radio Echo Sounders and GPS Trackers from Toslon.

    For all bait boats: radio echo sounders from Toslon! Upgrade your bait boat and rely on modern radio transmission. Radio echo sounders fit almost every bait boat model.

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  • Build your own bait boat - Do it yourself instructions.

    Bait boat kit in different versions.

    Build your own baitboat with the kit components from Carp Madness.

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