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The carp magazine Carp Mirror tested our X-Jet bait boat in the 4-2013 issue. In the product test, Carp Mirror mainly focused on the price/performance ratio.

Impressed by the "imposing impression" and the "high-quality" and "neatly arranged electronic components" of our new feeding boat, the Carp Mirror editorial team was completely convinced in the feeding boat test report. Our high-quality LiFePo4 batteries with an output of 20,000 mA/h and the ball-bearing jets also showed no weaknesses in the bait boat test. A feeding boat from Carp Madness...

CM Baitboat 2020 XXL
CM Baitboat 2020 XXL
The veteran among the feeding boats Baitboat "Handmade in Germany". Our XXL 2020 feeding boat combines safety with range. The bait boat enjoys extremely increasing popularity over the years. The bait boat is manufactured from absolutely high-quality materials. It is very robust, and offers reliability, quiet running characteristics and enough space for the baits. You can transport up to 4 kg of bait in one or two feed shafts. You can choose either 1 feed chute á 4 L, dimensions 40x10cm, or two feed chutes á 3 L and 1 L, each can be controlled individually. If you want to you can easily configure your baitboat completely according to your wishes. The feed boat has a release clutch. High quality baitboat hull The high-quality catamaran hull has the feed hatches in the middle. The hatch opens quietly. The feed boat is driven by a 2-fold ball bearing shaft drive by the industrial motor "Dirty Devil". The low consumption guarantees long travel times. The remote control is a Jamara 6 channel radio technology with large LCD display, so you control your baitboat easily up to a range of 1 km and more. Your XXL feeding boat is handmade by our experts in Germany. Each Carp Madness feed boat is subjected to a strict test run and a quality control. Feeding boat with professional lighting system The feeding boat is equipped with an infinitely dimmable Xenon LED all-round lighting. The boat is equipped with replaceable lead gel batteries/18,000 mAh. A blue illuminated display shows the on-board voltage at this feeding boat, so that the owner and angler are informed about the function. Optionally, you can retrofit the feeding boat with GPS trackers with your own apps as well as with color radio echo sounders from Toslon. Scope of delivery and technical equipment Hull: Catamaran hull made of 5 mm ABS in black or 3D carbon design, 61x41x20 cm, the central chute provides a perfect center of gravity; fantastic handling is guaranteed. Drive unit: 2 times ball bearing shafts, driven by our shaft bearing 655 industrial motors "Dirty Devil", speed, power and torque with low consumption and long life. Remote control: Latest and most modern Jamara 6 channel radio technology with large LCD display, 2.4 Ghz digital display, maximum control and safety for your bait boat. Lighting system: Circumferential and via radio system continuously dimmable Xenon LED lighting. Feed chambers: Snazzy chambers with either once 4l with (40x10cm) or divided into 2 chambers with 3l and 1l (lying one behind the other and separately controllable). Battery technology: Lead gel batteries with together 18.000 mAh Battery monitoring: Digital, blue illuminated voltage display on the boat for optimal monitoring of the board voltage. Release clutch: Each boat is equipped with 1 release coupling. Quality: From the manufacture of the fuselage to the manufacture of everything Made in Germany. Your boat will be handmade to your special wishes by our specialists and thoroughly tested. Scope of delivery: Lining boat "Carp Madness XXL 2020" Feed flap 1- or 2 pcs. All-round dimmable Xenon lighting system 1 Release clutch 6-channel radio system 2.4 Ghz with large display padded carry bag 4 x lead gel batteries together 18.000 mAh 2 chargers instruction manual Downloads: Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assembly Instructions (EN)

Toslon Futterboot 730
Toslon Baitboat X-Boat 730
Latest baitboat technologies combined With the feeding boat from Carp Madness and Toslon, a device was developed that does not have to hide from other feeding boats. Quite the opposite. The bait boat Toslon X-Boot 730 Feedingboat is equipped with the latest technology in this area and can shine not least by its black design. The bait boat has an unbeatable range of 1000m and can guarantee a sufficient supply with two spacious feed chambers, with up to 5 kg payload. It is an easy, far away or even difficult to reach place to drive. Once the feed chambers have been opened, they can easily be closed again by radio remote control. Bait Boat with long battery life For a smooth operation, the Baitboot has an unbeatable battery life of 4h. Furthermore it can exist by the use of newest features. The boat turns on automatically 30 seconds after touching the water and turns off again as soon as it leaves the water. It features the popular Double Seal System, which guarantees the safest shaft seal - it doesn't sink so quickly. Feed boat prepared for GPS and spark sounder It also meets the highest requirements of a modern feed boat with its state-of-the-art control unit, which controls the entire boat. The retrofitting of echo sounders and GPS is additionally guaranteed and easy to implement. The Toslon X-Boot 730 Bait Boat is on the safe side when it comes to choosing the right Baitboat - it sets new standards. Technical equipment of the Toslon bait boat: Dimensions 70cm x 44cm x 27cm 2.4 Ghz 6 channel radio technology 2 separate feed chambers with 5kg load capacity Feed chambers can be re-closed by remote control Magnetic release coupling Battery technology: 2x Li-Ion 12V / 13.000mah guarantees a runtime of 4h CCU(Central Control Unit): the state-of-the-art control unit in the plug system controls the entire boat Easy refitting of depth sounder and GPS Failsafe System Range up to 1000m Total weight 7kg Magnetic switch on the inspection covers herb protection DSS (Double Seal System) - the safest shaft seal Water switch: boat switches on automatically after 30 seconds of water contact and switches off again when it is removed from the water. Specially developed lighting with 2x 30pcs LED, dimmable via radio system Incl. thick padded carrying bag

Carplounge Futterboot
X-Jet Baitboat 2020
Welcome to the Premium Class of Feedboats Carp Mirror test report: "With the X-Jet baitboat, zig-zag courses are a thing of the past." Efficient and at the same time innovative drive systems combined with state-of-the-art radio technology, installed in an almost indestructible baitboat hull, the new baitboat-flagship X-Jet 2020 from Carp Madness. Our consistent further development. Double jet propulsion means no moving parts outside the feed boat, no superfluous mechanics. This combination, which originates from modelling as well as from the modern industrial sector, guarantees a maximum of reliability and pleasure in modern baitboat cruising. The control of the baitboat is similar to that of a tank, by different control of the completely protected built-in jet booster. The mega-sized and, if required, divisible chute allows an optimal presentation of the assembly. Baitboats developed and manufactured in Germany! Further development 2020: Essentially, the complete boat, especially the hull, was reworked to meet the modern requirements of a baitboat. The low flow resistance guarantees a smooth and powerful run with a low power consumption. More athletic than ever before. Ball bearing jet drives of the Kehrer brand known from racing, driven by our shaft bearing 655 industrial motors "Dirty Devil", speed, power and torque with low consumption and long life, no external moving parts, no Servo´s to operate the drive, no entanglement of the lines possible. Scope of delivery of the complete set: Baitboat "Carp Madness X-Jet", Carbon 3D Feed flap 1- or 2 pcs. selectable Circumferential xenon lighting system dimmable by radio system 2 release couplings illuminated main switch Inspection covers with magnets most modern 6-channel radio system 2.4 Ghz with large display (range 1000m) padded carry bag Set of LiFePo4 batteries with 20.000 mAh Professional charger for 12V and 220V instruction download here on Made in Germany Downloads: Testbericht Carp Mirror Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assembly Instructions (EN)

€1,299.95* €1,399.95*
Futterboot Set für Karpfenangler
Phantom Baitboat
An unique baitboat concept from Carp Madness The goal was to develop a baitboat with engineers, which is equipped with the latest innovative technology and at the same time extremely compact and meets the highest requirements of a modern feeding boat. A compact and fully efficient feeding boat, which sets new standards on the international markets. Standard highlights of the feeding boat: Trimaran baitboat 49 x 37 cm (!) with a carrying capacity of 3 litres safe guidance of the fishing line on the underside of the fuselage integrated ball bearing mounted sweeper Jet engine highly efficient and economical 655 industrial Dirty Devil engine High performance LiFePo4 battery with 10 A high running time of the feeding boat with 2-3 h suitable charger for 220 V and 12 V digital voltage display on baitboat two separately controllable feed chambers reliable 2,4 Ghz 6 channel radio system with full range Carbon 3-D Microchip controlled lighting system, infinitely dimmable via remote control release clutch extremely low weight of the boat with 4 kg Transport bag with carrying strap sensational price-performance ratio The feeding boats are 100 % individually developed and manufactured in Germany General advantages of the feeding boat: You will be surprised by the extremely compact design and the powerful concept of this feedboat. Weight incl. 10A battery: only 4 kg (!) with up to 3 hours running time. Scope of supply of this complete feed boat set: Feedboat Phantom 3 D Carbon Jet drive of the brand Kehrer 2 feed flaps and one release clutch 6 channel digital computer radio system 2,4 Ghz with one hand control padded carry bag complete surrounding lighting system dimmable at the radio system digital voltage display on the baitboat comfortable carry handle most modern LiFePo4 batteries with 10 A incl. protective bag Professional charger with balancer for 220 V and 12 V Instructions on CD Optionally you can choose to this feed boat: Toslon depth sounder Downloads: Montage-Anleitung (DE) Bedienungs-Anleitung (DE) Assemble Instructions (EN)