High-quality rechargeable batteries for baitboats and echo sounders - Replacement batteries for feeding boats.

Replacement batteries especially for feed boats and echo sounders. You can purchase feed boats with screw drives or with the world-famous Kehrer Jet drives from us. Both types of drive have proven their worth and have become widely accepted in feed boats.

It is very difficult to determine which drive is the better one, this is something every user has to decide for himself. Both systems can be powered by lead-gel batteries or lipo batteries especially for feeders. In terms of battery technology, lipo batteries have prevailed due to their higher power density and lower weight.

Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
Jamara Lipo charger for rechargeable batteries
We offer you a state-of-the-art charger to charge your batteries gently. The device was specially developed for all our rechargeable bait boat batteries. Technical data: 50W power balancer board ;suitable for the following batteries: Lifon, LiPo, LiFePo, NiCd, NiMH with adapter for 12V 0.1 - 5 A Power

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Automatic Charger AL Battery Chargers
Automatic charger for bait boat lead batteries with 2 V, 6 V and 12 V. These regulators charge with an electronic charge control, which means your bait boat batteries can not be overcharged and thus damaged. An IU characteristic curve is used for this purpose. Ideally suited for charging our lead batteries, as the integrated charging current control automatically reduces the charging current when the respective final charging voltage is reached. Of course also suitable for other applications, e.g. car batteries. Function display via a red LED. Scope of delivery: 2 pieces, so both bait boat batteries can be charged at the same time. Operating voltage: 220 V

Content: 2 Stück (€12.98* / 1 Stück)

Baitboat battery Lipo 2S 8.000 mAh
Baitboat battery Lipo 2S 8.000 mAh
A crucial point to a well functioning bait boat is a high quality battery. In our opinion, saving here makes no sense. This high-quality Lipo-Racing Pack is specially adapted to the performance range of our baitboats, can be charged quickly and, thanks to its high quality and prescribed treatment, can be used for many years. We do not use cheap imports! Technical data: 8.000 mAh Weight approx. 290 gr ready assembled with balancer and Tamiya connection without memory effect Scope of delivery: 1 piece

€79.95* €87.68*
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Backup Lipo batteries 2200 mAh, 7.4 V 25/50C
An enormously important point to a well functioning bait boat is a high quality battery. We do not use cheap imports ! To save here makes no sense in our opinion. This high-quality Lipo-Racing Pack is fast chargeable and is applicable due to its high quality with prescribed treatment for many years. Technical data: 7.4 V, 2200mAh 25/50C Scope of delivery: 1 piece

€22.95* €26.27*
LiPo Akku 10000mAh für Futterboote.
Main battery Lipo 2S 10.000 mAh
One of the most important components of the feeding boat is a functioning and serious rechargeable battery. A battery with a long life is a must! Carp Madness is beyond question to use batteries, which are manufactured in a cheap country. CM does not use cheap imports! The high quality Lipo-Racing Pack is especially designed for the efficiency of the CM feedboats. The batteries are fast chargeable and thanks to the high quality (with prescribed treatment) can be used for years. Technical data: 10.000 mAh weight approx. 350 gr ready assembled with balancer and Tamiya connection without memory effect

€84.95* €116.95*
Das Akku-Ladegerät garantiert eine lange Lebensdauer der LiFePo4 Akkus von Carp Madness.
Jamara plug-in charger for CM LiFePo4 batteries
A very important point for a long working LiFePo4 battery is a high quality and intelligent battery charger. This high-quality LiFePo4 battery charger is optimally matched to our CM rechargeable batteries. Thus our LiFePo4 batteries can be used for years with good treatment. We do not use cheap imports! Technical data: Input AC 100-240V, 0.8A, 27W, 50/60Hz Output DC 8V 3000 mA 24W Protection class 2 Charging time about 2-3 h per LiFePo4 battery Scope of delivery: 1 piece

Baitboat Lipo Replacement Battery 10A 6,4V LiFePO4
LiFePo4 battery for XXL and X-Jet Baitboat
LiFePo4 rechargeable battery for Carp Madness X-Jet, XXL and other baitboats With this high-quality Racing battery pack for baitboats you acquire a LiFePo4 battery pack of the extra class. The battery pack is optimally protected by a hard case with round outer edges. Compared to Lipo batteries, these LiFePo4 batteries offer a significantly longer service life, are less susceptible and have a significantly lower fire risk. This replacement battery is a perfect fit for our lead batteries and can be used as a replacement for our Lipo or lead batteries. These replacement batteries have the same voltage. Therefore simple exchange is guaranteed. The LiFePo4 battery block is fast rechargeable at 5 A. Technical data: Less self-discharge than LiPo batteries Very high cycle stability but good use (up to over 2000 cycles) Power: 6,4V and 10A! state-of-the-art technology with electronic protection board against deep discharge and overloading for maximum service life

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Solar charger in case
High-quality portable solar system in case - ideal for anglers Simply unfold and the electricity flows free of charge. Ideal for charging lead batteries, both for the feed boat and for the car through the supplied plug for the cigarette lighter. Also perfect for camping, garden houses, weekend houses, etc. Thanks to modern thin-film technology, the system works even when the sky is overcast. The built-in blocking diode prevents the current from flowing back in the dark. A blue LED control lamp lights up as soon as electricity is produced. Equipment of the case: Magnetic lock prevents unintentional opening of the fold-out supports simplifies positioning. Scope of delivery: 2.5 meter cable incl. adapter battery clamps Plug and socket for cigarette lighter incl. cable to charge 2 pieces of 6 V batteries simultaneously integrated blocking diode and charging indicator light Technical data: Nominal voltage: 12 Volt, 6 V lead-acid batteries must be connected in series Working voltage: approx. 17.5 Volt Power: max. 1100 mA/12 V, 13 Watt, up to 104 d/W (Watt per day) Dimensions: 52 x 38 x 4 cm (closed) Weight: approx. 5 kg

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Replacement Battery 6v for Baitboat
Replacement batteries with a voltage of 6 V and 4.5 Ah, as used in our bait boats. These batteries are delivered complete with connection cable, so they don't have to be plugged in every time they are changed.

Content: 2 Stück (€10.98* / 1 Stück)