Bait boat kit - build your own bait boat

We only use high quality electronic components and baitboat hulls in our feed boats, which are manufactured in Germany. After the purchase, we offer a long-term and comprehensive service. In addition to complete bait boats, we also offer feed boat kits and individual feed boat hulls. In this way you can build your own bait boat.

In the meantime, there are several building instructions for bait boat kits circulating on the net. Thus, the assembly of a forage boat kit should not be a problem. Made in Germany. We give a 5-year guarantee on all Carp Madness bait boat hulls.

Carp Madness XXL Bait Boat Kit
Carp Madness XXL Bait Boat Kit
Carp Madness XXL 2020 baitboat-kit - under the toughest conditions now thousands of times in use throughout Europe Since the trend goes more and more away from cheap import to high-quality self-built feeding boats, we offer you here a complete feeding boat kit for our XXL. With this feeding boat we have developed a feeding boat, a milestone at which other manufacturers can measure themselves, of course completely "Handbuild in Germany". The newly installed Carp Madness electronic unit made it easy to assemble the bait boat, as the batteries are automatically connected in parallel. There is also an output with constant continuous current. This continuous current output can be used for radio echo sounder, Carp GPS, bait boat cameras or AP. The feed boat hull is pulled exclusively for us in Germany. We use only high-quality technical components of well-known manufacturers, these guarantee security, reliability and a quiet and quiet run. It will inspire you to own one of these sophisticated bait boats. You have the possibility to transport up to 4 kg feed incl. assembly(s) in one or two feed chambers. Welcome to the Premium Class of Feedboats Bait boat hull: Catamaran hull made of 5 mm ABS in black or 3D carbon design, 61x41x20 cm, the central chute provides a perfect center of gravity; fantastic handling is guaranteed. Drive unit: 2 times ball bearing shafts, driven by our shaft bearing 655 industrial motors "Dirty Devil", speed, power and torque with low consumption and long life. Remote control: Latest and most modern Jamara 6 channel radio technology with large LCD display, 2.4 Ghz digital display, maximum control and safety for your boat. Range min. 1000m. Lighting system: Circumferential and via radio system continuously dimmable Xenon LED lighting. Battery technology: Lead gel batteries with together 9.000 mAh Battery monitoring: Digital, blue illuminated voltage display on the boat for optimal monitoring of the board voltage. Release clutch: Each bait boat is equipped with 1 release coupling. Echo sounder (optional): Our smartcast echo sounder, which is popular all over Europe, is tuned exclusively by us in the house of Elektrotechnik Profi´s . Our more than 10 years of experience is reflected in the quality of the conversions. You will enjoy your echo sounder for a long time. Quality: From the production of the fuselage up to the confection everything Made in Germany. Scope of delivery: bait boat "Carp Madness XXL 2020" Feed flap 1- or 2 pcs. All-round dimmable Xenon lighting system 1 Release clutch 6-channel radio system 2.4 Ghz with large display padded carry bag 2 x lead gel batteries together 9.000 mAh 2 chargers Operating instructions + assembly instructions Downloads: Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE)Assembly Instructions (EN)

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Carplounge Futterboot
Carp Madness X-Jet Bait Boat Kit 2020
Welcome to the premium class of bait boat kits Carp Mirror magazine test report: "With the X-Jet bait boat, zig-zag courses are a thing of the past." Efficient and at the same time innovative drive systems combined with state-of-the-art radio technology, installed in an almost indestructible bait boat hull, the new flagship X-Jet 2020 from Carp Madness. Our consistent further development. Double jet propulsion means no moving parts outside the feed boat, no superfluous mechanics. This combination, which originates from model building as well as from the modern industrial sector, guarantees a maximum of reliability and pleasure in modern Bait Boat sailing. The control of the feedboat is similar to that of a tank, by different control of the completely protected built-in jet booster. The mega-sized and, if required, divisible chute allows an optimal presentation of the assembly. Bait boat kit developed and manufactured in Germany! Further development 2020: Essentially, the complete boat, especially the hull, has been redesigned to meet the modern requirements of a feed boat. The low flow resistance guarantees a smooth and powerful run with a low power consumption. More athletic than ever before. Instead of Lipo batteries we only use LiFePo4 rechargeable batteries. Ball bearing jet drives of the Kehrer brand known from racing boats, driven by our shaft bearing 655 industrial motors "Dirty Devil". Speed, power and torque with low consumption and long service life, no external moving parts, no Servo´s to operate the drive, no entanglement of the lines possible. Due to a complete electronic unit the assembly is now even easier. The regulators, the parallel closing of the batteries and the light relay are already completely pre-assembled! You will receive all parts which we also use in our bait boats. Price performance is unbeatable. We use exclusively high-quality components of considerable manufacturers! Scope of supply of the complete do-it-yourself set: DIY-Kit bait boat "Carp Madness X-Jet", Carbon 3D Feed flap 1- or 2 pcs. selectable Circumferential xenon lighting system dimmable by radio system 2 release couplings illuminated main switch Inspection covers with magnets most modern 6-channel radio system 2.4 Ghz with large display (1000m) padded carry bag Set LiFePo4 batteries with 20.000 mAh Professional charger delivery without adhesive, we recommend Sikkaflex Assembly and operating instructions Made in Germany Downloads: Testbericht Carp Mirror (DE) Bedienungsanleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assembly Instructions (EN)

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Futterboot Set für Karpfenangler
Carp Madness Baitboat Kit Phantom 2020
High quality bait boat kit CM Phantom Since the trend goes more and more away from cheap import to the high-quality self-built bait boat, we offer you here a complete kit for our Phantom 2020 bait boat. Special pre-milled parts facilitate the assembly. The openings for the lighting system, digital voltage display and the jet engine are already completely prepared. A unique bait boat concept from Carp Madness. The aim was to develop a feed boat with engineers, which was equipped with the latest innovative technology and at the same time extremely compact design to meet the highest requirements of a modern feed boat. A compact and fully efficient feeding boat, which sets new standards on the international market. Standard highlights of the bait boat kit: Trimaran feeding boat 49 x 37 cm (!) with a carrying capacity of 3 l safe guidance of the fishing line on the underside of the fuselage integrated ball bearing mounted sweeper Jet highly efficient and economical 655 industrial Dirty Devil engine High performance Jamara LiFePo4 battery with 10 A high running time of the feeding boat with 2-3 h suitable charger for 220 V and 12 V digital voltage display on feed boat two separately controllable feed chambers reliable 2,4 Ghz 6 channel radio system with full range Carbon 3-D Microchip controlled lighting system, infinitely dimmable via remote control release clutch extremely low weight of the boat with 4 kg Transport bag with carrying strap sensational price-performance ratio The boats are 100 % individually developed and manufactured in Germany. General advantages of the bait boat: You will be surprised by the extremely compact design and the powerful concept of this feedboat. Weight incl. 10A battery: only 4 kg (!) With up to 3 hours running time. Scope of supply of this complete bait boat self-construction set: Kit bait boat Phantom 3 D Carbon Jet drive of the brand Kehrer 2 feed flaps and one release clutch 6 channel digital computer radio system 2,4 Ghz with one hand control padded carry bag complete surrounding lighting system dimmable at the radio system digital voltage display on the boat comfortable carry handle most modern LiFePo4 batteries with 10 A incl. protective bag Professional charger with balancer for 220 V and 12 V delivery without adhesive, we recommend Sikaflex 221 Instructions on CD Optionally you can choose to this bait boat: Toslon depth sounder Downloads: Montage-Anleitung (DE) Montage-Anleitung (DE) Assemble Instructions (EN)

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